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About Me

About Me


Hi everyone, my name is Megan and I am the creator of Magical Megs (formally Magical Megs Face Painting)

Magical Megs Face Painting was formed in 2019, after spending my career in early childhood as a Diploma Trained Educator. 

Quickly, the business evolved from just face painting so the name was changed to Magical Megs in Jan 2021.

Working with children has always been my passion and I love creating special moments, the amazement of all things magical and just having fun!

My philosophy

I believe that children have the right of choice and to voice their words.

I believe that their feelings, rights and space needs to be respected.

I believe that the process and experience is just as important as the final product. I take the time to engage with the child, talk to them, allow them to choose and make their own choices.

I believe that every individual deserves the same level of care, respect and given the time. It is not about paint and move on, it is about showing them the attention.

I believe in quality, not quantity.

I believe that we should be protecting children on social media.

I believe in having fun and a magical time! 

Magical Megs acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land - The Darug and Guringai People and pays her respects to the Elders, past present and future. 


I have completed numerous training courses to become a Professional Face Painter. 

After beginning with Sydney artist, Amy Grigg, I then joined the International Face Painting School. This school is renowned worldwide for creating some of the worlds most talent and aspiring artist.

Like any skill, it takes dedication, hours of practise over a long period of time. 

I first joined the International Face Painting School in early 2019 and completed the Professional Course.

To take my training to another level, I re-joined the school in September 2019 and undertook the Elite course. This was very challenging. I not only completed the course and received my Diploma, but also continued on to achieve Honours in the course. 



* Hornsby Kuring-gai Local Business Awards Finalist 2019, 2020 Winner 2021 Finalist 2022

2022 Finalist Party Stylist of the Year : Facepainter, EcoParty Individual Party Business

*Australian Small Business Awards Finalist 2021, 2022 Winner 2023

*What's on 4 Kids Awards (Winner) Finalist, 2022, 2021

* ALIBI Awards Winner 2022

APAC insider awards Winner 2023

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