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Hiring a Professional.

Thinking of having a face painting at your party? Its easy, I can do it myself, how hard it can be?

Truth is that face painting has come along way over the years.

Professionals spend hours and hours training. They ensure that they use the proper products, which I can be honest, these are not cheap. They will be insured.

You still might consider using cheap paints. Don't. Cheap paints can not only cause skin irritaions and reactions but also chemical burns to sensitive skin

 Painters are offering their services for less money?

What you pay for is what you get. Unfortunately there are many people out there who do facepainting, but it is important to research. Many people think that they can just paint like that, but it is a real industry.  Lower prices will offer less quality products, may not be insured, their paints will be of a lower standard. My prices reflect the industry standard, as in professional standard. 

How many children can you paint in an hour

I usually paint between10/15 children and hour. I like to allow 5 minutes per child. More detailed designs will take longer.

What are you available for

Face Painting is my main focus, however I am also available for balloon twisting, bubble artistry and having fun with children! As i entertain children individually while painting or balloon twisting, i do not offer games, however am happy to assist with helping run games organised by the host.

In addition at markets/ fetes, I also have handmade bling and hair feathers available for sale. 

What characters are you able to dress up as?

Elsa,  Anna, Fairy, Butterfly, Princess, Spiderwoman, Emma Wiggle, Superwoman, Wonderwoman, Batgirl, Pirate and more....

What is your sustainability/ impact on the environment

I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Water that has been used during an event is used as grey water on plants and grass.

I recycle whatever I am able to eg paper towel

Use solar power lights for events at night. 

Eco friendly cotton tips are used

Mircofibre facewipes are used

Paperless billing

Flyers and business cards are recyclable

Environmentally friendly cleaning products, free from harsh chemicals

Paper bags available for putting items in at markets

Items cleaned are air dried, costumes, sponges, brushes to save on electricity. 

Material net bags are used to place soiled items at the end of the day to later be separated after event.

Bubble wands are refilled and reused

Whist there is some wastage, I try to minimize this as much as possible and am constantly looking at new ways/items that are more environmentally friendly without compromising my high standards.

What is your health and hygiene practices

One sponge per child is used. If more paint is required, a separate sponge is used. 

Water is changed frequently, brush bath solution is added to the water prior to the event. Brushes are washed before being reused.

Wipes and hand sanitiser is used in between clients

Before and after every event, the kit is completely cleaned

A separate handwashing station is available.

Safety Data Sheets for products used are available 

Risk Assessment completed

I will refuse painting anyone who appears ill or has open cuts and sores.

Refrain from painting on the lips, however if the clients requests, cotton tips will be used. As the same as sponges, 1 per child, no double dipping and disposed of in waste bucket below.

Please note, due to Covid 19,safety is paramount and additional procedures have been added to my already high standard to ensure that it is safe for everyone and cross contamination risks are kept at an absolute minimum . I am covid safe and have a covid plan in place. Designs may be altered, wearing of mask and/or face shield will be used, there will be extra cleaning of surfaces and items after each client. These and other procedures are listed in my covid plan. 


Example of cheap paints on skin

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