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Face painting has come along way over the years. Gone are the days when a simple flower was enough, now they are works of art. Designs are created using techniques and layers which brings pieces to life. It is about creating the wow factor. most designs work to a 5 minute time, but it can be a very quick 1/2 minute for fast paced busy event.

Paint cakes can come as solids colours, one strokes and split cakes. These along with varies brushes, bling, stencils, glitter add up to create the Wow factor.

Bling/Gem clusters

A great addition to any facepaint design or used by itself is my bling collection! These are handmade by myself and are attached to the skin using double sided medical grade tape. They can be reattached using prosaid or eyelash glue or turned into something else such as a bookmark, keyring etc. So what are they exactly? Bling is a series of gems placed together in such an order to create one single piece. But it doesn't stop at just gems. I use air dry clay to create 3d unicorn horns, mermaid tails and monster horns. I also have fairy wings, superhero splats, princess gems just to name a few.


Balloon twisting is fun and imaginative. Imagine a simple balloon that can be twisted into something special..... 

Qualatex balloons are used mostly for twisting. They plant based, latex.

Magical Megs is a member of PEBA (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance)


Every event that I attend, I dress up..... 

I always discuss with the client if there is a theme or preference for characters. Imagine Elsa attending your party? Or how a pirate? It adds to the atmosphere, is fun and engaging. I have many options available including Elsa, Anna, Fairy, princes, Emma Wiggle, Pirate, Spiderwoman, Supergirl, Wonderwoman, Batgirl and special event characters.

Bubble Blowing

A new addition to Magical Megs is bubble blowing. Children of all ages love bubbles! But my bubble blowing is not just any bubble blowing .Large bubbles, giant bubbles, multiple bubbles, tricks. Bubble juice is made by me using a secret recipe. An 30 min bubble show is a great showstopper.


I make the event the place to be.... 

I have a quirky and humorous personality naturally and this shines through. I like making jokes, magic tricks, dancing with music. 

Market/ fete additions

At markets and fetes, I also have additional items for sale which I handmake. These include hair feathers which are on clips that can be removed for further use. Bling are gem pieces which are placed together to create one piece which can be used on there own or added to a facepaint design. Horns, mermaid tails and wings can be added to the gem clusters to create other pieces. 

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