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Events, prices and important info

Birthday party, special event, corporate event, fete or market? Or another occasion?

When you hire me, you are not just getting a face painter or just any entertainer.

What you are getting is a trained professional.

My fees cover my costs of insurance, travel, marketing, countless hours of training and replacement of items and much more.....

My prices reflect experience and quality. I believe that every child should be respected and enjoy the experience itself and it is not only about the final product. For this reason I like to talk to the child, explain and show what I am doing before I paint. I will not paint any child if they do not wish to be painted.


$135 for 1 hour (approx. 10/15 children per hour)

$185 for 1.5hrs

$250 for 2 hours

 (More than 2 hours is $90 per hour)
Special flat rate $80
an hour for charity and fundraising events (neg)

(Face paint or balloons. Or a mix depending on numbers and time)


For an extra $15 per hr, you can upgrade to the Deluxe package. This included the handmade bling, 3D unicorn horns

and mermaid tails. These are a showstopper addition to any facepaint design!

Bubbles: (separate)

A new addition to Magical Megs is bubble blowing. Children of all ages love bubbles and this is a great additon to any party.  An inside bubble show of approx 30 minutes  (4mtre x4mtre space required) will show lots of bubble tricks including hand bubbles, child in a bubble and lots and lots of bubbles. Outside giant nets and the children can get involved hands on with wands. (10 children)

30 min indoor bubbles show  $175

1hr outdoor bubbles $150

or 1hr combo (30 indoor + 30 min outdoor) package $250

Magical Megs is able to:

Face Paint

Balloon twist (Qualatex balloons used only which are biodegradable and not made out of rubber)

Dress up as characters (many available)

Handmade bling including  gem clusters, mermaid tails, unicorn horns and superhero bling.

Additional items at markets and fetes for sale

Bubble artistry

Important Info

Due to health and safety reasons, I will not paint anyone who appears to be sick, have open sores or cuts. I am Covid safe and have a covid plan in place.

Please let me know if you have sensitive skin and we can do a test patch first. All my products are professional and fda approved as safe for skin. I will not take responsibility for any reactions that are caused.

For removal of face paint, glitter etc, it is advised that water and a gentle soap be used. Some colours may leave a slight stain, but this natural and is to do with the oil in the skin.

I can't control the weather. I am able to provide myself with a 3x3m gazebo (outdoor events), table, chairs.

Bubble artistry consists of indoor or outdoor bubbles. Indoor show or bubbling, i require a 3metre x 3metre space for my tarp and mats to be placed down. Outside, concrete surfaces are not advised due to safety concerns, grass/ dirt areas are advised instead

I am happy for you to take photos and share with me. Due to children's privacy, i no longer take photos of children. Any photos that are shared with me, will not be placed on social media or used in any advertising.

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