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"Face Painting FAQs: Your Ultimate Guide to Unleashing Creativity"

From beginners to seasoned artists, delving into the world of Face Painting sparks curiosity.

Today Magical Megs answers some of the most popular questions.

How many faces can you paint in an hour?

Approximately 10-15 children per hr. To give children the opportunity to experience the process of being painted is very important. Giving them the choice of what design and colour, gives the child the respect of unleashing their creativity, individuality and personality. Some artists do “ speed painting” which is simple paints with a high turnover of 1-2 minutes. For me personally, that takes away the experience for the child.

What are your favourite face paint brands?

It is important to always use professional paints as these meet requirements and are also tested as safe for the skin. My favourite brands are Fusion, Face Paints Australia ( FPA), Tag and DFX.

Can I become a face painter?

Of course you can! Facepainting is a way of artistic expression. It focuses on techniques, brushes, design placement, colour theory, etc. Just like any other medium of art. I studied facepainting professionally at the International Face Painting School and recieved my Diploma with Honours in 2020. I have since continued my learning through other courses. However you don’t have to go into it as deep as I have. I do recommend having some sort of training if you want to become a professional face painter.

How do I remove face paint?

Professional facepaint is water activated. The best way to remove facepaint is with soap and water. This also reduces the chances of staining. Do not use baby wipes as it can cause reactions with the skin.

Why do some colours stain the skin?

You may notice the staining of colour when you remove facepaint. Usually it is darker green, blue or purple that this occurs with. Staining actually occurs from the natural oils in the skin. Some people might stain more than others. Proper removal of facepaint with soap and water is the best way to avoid staining.

Can I go to bed with face paint on?

While it may be a beautiful facepaint, it is not advised to sleep with facepaint on. If a child is upset with the idea of it bring removed, an amazing tip is to get a print for them to keep. Use a paper towel and wet it so that it is moist. Carefully place on facepaint design and press gently. The paint will activate and go on the paper towel. Then peel down and give child tye print to keep.

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